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A truly sublime hotel experience is memorable in all the right ways. Refined cuisine, personalised service, top-notch entertainment and cosy suites all contribute to an unforgettable experience. What better way to make your guests feel extra special than a sweet gift at the end of the day? Couverture by Multizen, the go-to bespoke confectionery solutions partner for hospitality brands in Hong Kong, is dedicated to creating custom branded confections that meet the specific needs of every hotel. From turndown amenities, gift shop products to special welcome gifts for VIPs, our varied confections elevate your guest services. While your guests relax and unwind in the executive lounge, indulgent pralines and Belgian chocolate neapolitans will be much appreciated. To add a further sweet touch, serve these chocolates on buffet trays and as after-meal desserts.


Whether you want your VIPs to experience a taste of home, an olfactory delight or simply a nostalgic reminder of their stay, we can make it happen. We offer year-round comprehensive confectionery solutions – including custom branded product planning, manufacturing, storage and delivery – that add the perfect touch of sophistication and authenticity. Among our diverse offerings are the ever popular premium pralines and chocolate neapolitans. To leave a lasting impression on your clients, your own logo on our delectable pralines will do the job.  Alternatively, neapolitans are also great vehicles of custom branding and a sweet reminder of your hotel in the form of welcome gifts and turndown amenities.

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