The Neapolitan Journey

The Neapolitan’s journey started 110 years ago. Today, it is still an all-time favorite chocolate for both consumers and marketers. Neapolitan chocolates make perfect table treats for galas or meetings, gifts for business partners, and tokens of appreciation for customers and employees. This flat square with “just more than a bite” of chocolate maximizes the power of custom packaging. Wrapper design can range from elegant to eye-catching - a perfect venue to call out your brand message.

Once Upon A Time

Neapolitans are not in fact from Naples, but rather from York in northern England.

In the late 19th century, a chemist named Joseph Terry owned a chocolate company, and set out to develop innovative, interesting products. In 1899, Terry’s of York named their new chocolate collection Neapolitans, which quickly gained wide popularity for their sophisticated taste and texture. Each flavour, such as milk chocolate or mocha, was matched with a specific wrapper colour, enabling the customers to identify their favourites at a glance.

Production ceased when Terry’s of York closed in 2005, marking the end of an era. However, by then the allure of the individually wrapped chocolate squares known as Neapolitans had spread globally.

From Belgium to Hong Kong: Delicacy from the Other Side of the World

As the birthplace of the famous praline, Belgium is home to world-class gourmet chocolate. Couverture by Multizen’s custom branded Neapolitans are made with high-quality Belgian chocolate. We specialize in made-to-order Neapolitans with the choice of both classic and premium flavours: the ever popular 70% dark chocolate, smooth milk chocolate, earl grey, mocha, salted caramel and many more.

Outstanding Branded Presents

Neapolitans are a great choice for a confectionery gift to promote your business and your brand. The individually packed chocolates allow tailor-made wrapper designs. When your customers or business partners are ready to indulge, they will definitely not miss your brand’s message on the wrappers!

With robust design capabilities, our experienced creative team can help your business leverage the power of story-telling to strengthen your corporate relationships. Whether you opt for a vivid, exciting graphic, or a simple but elegant logo, we will help you design the best-suited Neapolitan wrappers to go with these delectable chocolates from Belgium.

From ideation, printing to packaging, we can deliver quick turn-around production of bespoke Neapolitans for your business. These can either be delivered to you in bulk pack for sharing and enjoyment in meeting rooms and events, or gift-packed into custom branded boxes specially designed just for your company.